Re: [Evolution-hackers] bug fixing in stable 2.22.x branch


thanks for all comments so far. I'm not going to reply to each
individual message, so here are my general thoughts.

First, the pointer to was primarily
what I was looking for. I hoped that Evolution distro maintainers would
lurk here on the list, too, but the distributor-list seems like a better
place to reach them.

Second, I understand the motivation behind the GNOME release policy and
agree with it to some point, but I wonder if something can be done as
part of the normal bug tracking to make life easier for distros without
putting an undue burden on the upstream developers. Perhaps something
like a "this bug is important and its patch is suitable/recommended for
a distro update" flag?

Finally, I don't intend to invest much time or energy into this. If
everyone (including the distros) are happy with the status-quo, then I
certainly won't argue for any changes. I'll probably mail the
distro-list with a pointer to the issues that I care about, but that'll
be rare.

Bye, Patrick Ohly
Patrick Ohly gmx de

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