[Evolution-hackers] Issues in porting evolution mail client to directfb backend :Help Nedded.....

I am trying to port evolution mail client to Directfb backend.

I have replaced X11 calls with  corresponding Gdk/Gtk function calls, found in evolution
and its dependent libraries so as to remove  linkage to xlib.

Now  I can run the application  with DFB backend  but  when there is a requirement of 2/3
windows(like Edit box,folder view  etc) to be displayed all together , i am not able to see these together.

Also, Tool bar is not displayed properly , certain icons in the tool bar are missing.
even while composing email _message_ edit_ box_ is missing.
while configuring the email client,Preferences part is not working properly.

Pls give some pointers for the same. Any suggestion or Links in this regard will be of great help.

Thanking you'll in advance...

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