[Evolution-hackers] Evolution Exchange in Ubuntu Hardy

Well, I've been very excited to see Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) about to be released, because I've been so pleased with the current version of Evo and in particular, Evo Exchange and all the improvements in stability etc. that have been made over the last year or so.  As you know I've been building Evo from SVN fairly regularly and these versions really run well on my systems (32bit Intel, one hyperthreaded one not).  They are fast, stable, and reliable (with the one glaring exception of to atrocious timezone handling bug).  I'm eager for people to be able to enjoy this new version.

So, last week I took one of the systems I've been temporarily using (Intel 64bit dual core), resized the partition, and installed Ubuntu Hardy beta, 64bit.

I regret to say that Evolution (in particular Exchange, because I didn't try any other servers) is a complete disaster as it currently stands on this system.

I can't keep it running and connected to my Exchange server for more than a few hours at best, and often it won't stay up for more than a few minutes.  The Exchange backend is dying (but no cores that I can see and no messages in the logs), and then I get the dreaded "lost connection with backend server".  E-D-S goes into infinite loops and sucks up 100% of one of the CPUs.

I don't know if it's 64bit machines (are others with 64bit systems having issues with Evolution?), the particular build that Ubuntu is doing of Evolution, or what in the heck is going on but this is far and away the least stable, most unusable version of Evolution I've used since 2.4 or even earlier.

Unless something radical happens in the next few weeks to resolve all these problems, I regret to say that this Ubuntu Long-Term Support release will not be anywhere close to ready to deploy in an enterprise environment.

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