Re: [Evolution-hackers] A relatively simple Evolution IMAP-code task, that improves memory consumption

yea, this would be a good task for someone new to the code if anyone is
up for learning a bit about Camel internals.


On Mon, 2008-04-07 at 14:50 +0200, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> Hi there, hackers.
> While appending a message to an IMAP folder, Evolution consumes the
> entire message into memory.
> At the Tinymail project (which is a lib that uses a modified Camel) we
> are not planning to rewrite this right now: it's not blocking any of the
> Modest bugs (Modest is an E-mail client using Tinymail). Right now a
> stable release for Modest has a priority over implementing new features
> that promise better memory usage.
> It's however trivial to implement this one. I added comments how to do
> it to Tinymail's camel-lite's camel-imap-folder.c
> If somebody is interested in this, I think it's a nice contribution,
> very localised in scope (it's just this function) and good way to get
> your hands dirty on Evolution's IMAP code. Being code addicts, we all
> love to get our hands dirty, right?
> The function is unmodified in Tinymail's camel-lite (other than the
> comment). Your patch would, after being tested, go downstream into
> Tinymail too. Of course.

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