Re: [Evolution-hackers] GMail+iTunes GUI suggestion for Evolution 3

On Sun, 2007-05-27 at 19:32 +0200, Louise Hoffman wrote:
> > i haven't seen *any* sentence somewhere that a version 3 of evolution is
> > planned, so i wonder where that term/number comes from...
> > development of the exiting version 2 of course exists, and there is also
> > some planning, but not for a radical rewrite of the user-interface, as
> > far as i know.
If you are looking for a radically different UI closer to GMail, do
checkout Opera's M2 mail client. Do note, it does not support many of
the features of evolution .

> I can't remember his name, but I have uploaded the 4 screenshots at
> Click on "next" in the top right corner for the other 3 screenshot.

 The ability to attach notes to a email was rather interesting . On my
wish-list . Outlook has this feature, and was rather useful to me

 I have heard of people working on alternate frontends to
evolution-data-server ( backend ) to replace evolution with mulitple
different apps suitable for embedded platform ( )

 Oooh ! and did i add tinymail ? ( )

> I though it was someone from this mailinglist that had posted them?
> Hugs,
> Louise
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