[Evolution-hackers] gnome-pilot Calendar conduits and libecal

Over at bug 201167 (category syncing,
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=201167), we're discussing where to
put some new utility functions for the Calendar conduits (calendar, todo, and

In this instance, there are a few category-related functions that are common to
the calendar, todo, and memos conduits. Originally, it was suggested to put
them in e-util/e-pilot-util.c. However, upon further investigation, we found
that doing so causes problems with the addressbook (namely that functions are
undefined unless libeconduit.so is linked against libecal, which is not what we
want to do).

We have 2 potential options that don't require linking libeconduit.so against
1) Create a new calendar-specific conduit library in evolution at
calendar/conduits/<new library>, or something like that. Put these functions
here, and any further functions that are needed by all 3 conduits (but not the
addressbook conduit) would be put here as well.

2) Add the functions to the libecal API, say in a new file e-cal-pilot-util.c.

A third option of linking libeconduit against libecal is probably not a good
option, as the libraries in the evolution e-util directory are meant to be
component-independent (or so I believe).

I was wondering if we could get some comments and suggestions about which way
to go. All of this information (and much more) should be over at the bug

Nathan Owens

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