Re: [Evolution-hackers] Error while Fetching Mail Dialog

В Срд, 13/06/2007 в 04:12 -0600, Jeshua Lacock пишет:
> Greetings,
> I have been testing my build of evolution here on Mac OS X with a pop  
> connection and it seems like the only problem I have is I  
> occasionally get a message like:
> 	Evolution Error
> 	Error while Fetching Mail.
> 	Cannot get message 9b362dc3b3fafd2e: Unknown reason
> I have queried the web and can't find any helpful information. Has  
> this been an issue for anyone else, or is it more likely that I have  
> something broken?
> I suspect the message(s) are garbage eg junk mail, but I am afraid  
> that potential users may not like accepting that they cannot download  
> a message without at least knowledge of what message they cannot  
> download. Also, if it happens frequently I could imagine that it  
> could quickly become a nuisance.
> Can anyone offer any suggestions? Is there a setting or something? I  
> am not sure what message(s) are causing the problem. Is this a  
> product of spammers itentional attempt to cause errors?
> Note that I do not get any errors with the same POP account using  
> Thunderbird and Apple Mail.
> I am impressed with Evolution! It has many power features that most  
> Mac users do not have with Apple Mail....
> I would greatly appreciate any hints or suggestions.

Thanks for trying Evolution :)

This problem often appears when mail server gives no reason about error.
I also had it some time ago when my mail server was stripping out spam.
Basically it's broken mail server and not an intentional security
problem. Usually just second retrieval helps. Fortunately this problem
is very rare.

Although I agree error is confusing and we have some bug reports about

So I hope they will be resolved sometimes soon.

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