[Evolution-hackers] Error while Fetching Mail Dialog


I have been testing my build of evolution here on Mac OS X with a pop connection and it seems like the only problem I have is I occasionally get a message like:

	Evolution Error

	Error while Fetching Mail.

	Cannot get message 9b362dc3b3fafd2e: Unknown reason

I have queried the web and can't find any helpful information. Has this been an issue for anyone else, or is it more likely that I have something broken?

I suspect the message(s) are garbage eg junk mail, but I am afraid that potential users may not like accepting that they cannot download a message without at least knowledge of what message they cannot download. Also, if it happens frequently I could imagine that it could quickly become a nuisance.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? Is there a setting or something? I am not sure what message(s) are causing the problem. Is this a product of spammers itentional attempt to cause errors?

Note that I do not get any errors with the same POP account using Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

I am impressed with Evolution! It has many power features that most Mac users do not have with Apple Mail....

I would greatly appreciate any hints or suggestions.


Jeshua Lacock, Owner
phone: 877.240.1364

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