[Evolution-hackers] Evolution-Exchange & Enterprise Vault

I have an interesting issue and I am wonder if anyone has resolved it in the recent past.  We have Symantec Enterprise Vault installed as an archiving solution for our Exchange Server. The vault will achive an email and leave a "STUB" in its place in the vault. The stub is a Truncated message this a link to the Web app that can restore the Message in full to the INBOX.
It Seams that Evolution (when configured for Exchange Server) does not understand how to display the message once it is archived. While evolution configured For IMAP Server Displays it just fine.
It is out guess that the vault changed the message class of the message so the when it is retrieved by the evoultion webDAV component this message is dropped and not displaied in the evolution client.
I am trying to figure out how to configure (or teach) evolution to display these archived messages.
Can anybody help me?

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