Re: [Evolution-hackers] Backport of fix to "Too Many Open Files" problem

2007/1/11, Matthew Barnes <mbarnes redhat com>:
On Wed, 2007-01-10 at 23:26 +0100, Øystein Gisnås wrote:
> I see users on 2.6.3 struggle with the problem described at
> and
> I've looked at the patch (it's said to be fixed in 2.9.1). Looks like
> someone attempted a fix and it's been reverted and rewritten again.
> What's the correct patch for the problem. Does anyone have a gut
> feeling if it's good to backport that to 2.6.3?

I wrote the patch.

You have good timing because we discovered a critical flaw in the patch
for bug #348888 just today.  I recommend applying the patch in bug
#348888, followed by the patch for bug #384183.  I think it should be
safe to backport to 2.6.3; it's a rewrite of some very old code.

Note that it does break the ABI of libedataserver.

Thanks. I did not mean 2.6.3, but I'll test with those two
patches against our reported incidents. Do you have any idea if this
can happen in 2.6? If so, why has noone reported it yet?

A pity with the ABI break. Makes things a lot more complicated to push.


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