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On Thu, 2007-04-05 at 17:05 +0200, Diego González wrote:
> Hi,
> i have been trying to remove the account manager from evolution and
> write an application for it. 

Why ?

I am not sure what we want to achieve by creating another
capplet/application for configuring a new account. Is it because we can
pre-configure accounts ?  (and that is the only thing that I could think
of) IIRC, evolution-gconf-tools module and ximian-account-setup tool
does this already. 

If simplifying the preferences is what you two are looking for, I think
it will be sufficient if we just get rid of the instantaneous
click-and-apply model and start using buttons to launch dialogs with
not-so-commonly-used-options. Once we do not show all the options, the
preferences will not look so crowded.

As somebody was once mentioning, firefox also has as many configuration
options as Evo has.  And the way in which it is presented, (See attached
Screenshot) makes it look simple whereas in Evo we show all the options,
as in

> This is the current state of affairs:
> 	It is mostly working, i have removed some settings though as i though
> some of them should be in the mailing component itself:
> 	* Signatures

Signatures are not part of Account Manager. The only thing that accounts
and signature have in unison is that an account can have a default

> 	* Defaults (it deals with stuff that is just for a mailer)
> I'm temped to remove some other things such as:
> 	Receiving options tab (it deals only with email, and thus it can be on
> the mailing component itself)

So where are you going to display all these ? Some of the information in
the receiving options page is so imporatant that without it some
account-types may not work at all (Like SOAP-Port for GW).

> Other than that the beast is almost finished, i will post it as soon as
> everything works.

I don't understand the need for detaching the account setup from

> Diego
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