Re: [Evolution-hackers] libebook scalability

On Mon, 2007-04-02 at 09:03 +0200, Øystein Gisnås wrote:
> I'd also love to create scripts, code and test data to test
> performance of some of the most important functions. Then we would be
> able to track performance over time in a more scientific way.

Check that out with bzr and you get a few tools:

1) a dummy backend for libedata-book.  Ask for a contact and you get the
same one back.  As for a contact list and you'll always get the same 10.
Ask for a book view and (mwhaha) you'll get 100000 contacts.  This makes
profiling the EDS infrastructure easier as the backend has almost zero
overhead.  I should probably reduce the number of contacts returned in a
book view as malloc tends to swamp the profiles now.

2) eds-bookview.  A test application that will open and repeatedly
request book views for a given number of times and URL.  For example:

$ eds-bookview --uri dummy:/// --repetition 10 --silent

Will visibly do nothing for a few minutes but EDS will be very busy.
Attach a profiler and come back 10 minutes later to discover that EVCard
parsing is still primary bottle neck in eds-dbus.

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