[Evolution-hackers] base64 encoding/decoding

while trying to solve a problem with quoted-printable encoding in
v-cards found a problem with the whole encoding thing in evolution.

evolution data server makes quite a mess with the encoding/decoding

while decode_quoted_printable implementation is missing in
addressbook-component.c it is implemented in sspm.c

And now the killer:
decode_base64 is implemented in at least three different places
addressbook-component.c, sspm.c and somewhere in the camel library.

I'd like to clean up this mess. 

Please decide if I should:

1. implement the missing decode_quoted_printable in the camel library
and do every call for de/encoding via the camel lib

2. place all en/decoding functions in some kind of utility file

3. implement the missing decode_quoted_printable in
addressbook-component.c and leave the rest alone

4. leave everything alone and continue watching anime.

I would prefere 1.
I would also prefere a fast answer. Would like to do this while having


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