Re: [Evolution-hackers] URGENT: Anyone knows why evolution is using both GNUTLS and NSS as security libraries

ti 2006-03-21 klockan 23:33 +0800 skrev Irene Huang:

> I am confused why GNUTLS is a necesity when NSS is used for security
> connection? 

Isn't it libsoup that uses gnutls? No idea why it doesn't use NSS (I
assume they offer mostly the same functionality?)

> Can't it be removed? 

Hear, hear! Using NSS in libsoup would also be great for Win32
portability, as I never managed to get the libsoup-over-gnutls working,
so TLSified GroupWise connections don't work on Win32. (The problem was
discovered only in December when I visited Bangalore.)


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