Re: [Evolution-hackers] e_book_backend_summary_is_summary_query is failing

this fails becuase (contains "x-evolution-any-field"  "") is not a summary query. address backends maintain a few fields  of contacts upon which mostaly searches are performed in summary. summary quires should include only these fields.These fields are listed in e-book-backend-summary.[ch]

On 5/16/06, Scott Herscher <scott herscher zimbra com> wrote:
Hey all.  I'm writing an evolution connector for the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (  In my addressbook code, I'm calling e_book_backend_summary_is_summary_query on a query that looks like this:

(contains "x-evolution-any-field"  "")

e_book_backend_summary_is_summary_query is failing when passed that query everytime. I'm pretty new to all this, so excuse the naive question...why is this failing?  What should I be passing to e_book_backend_summary_is_summary_query to get it to return all of the ids that it knows about?  I snuck a peek or two at the implementation of e_book_backend_summary_is_summary_query and didn't really understand what it was trying to do.

Thanks for any help you could give me,

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