[Evolution-hackers] Something regarding evolution calendar code - e-text.c, e_text_command()

Hi all,

I've been reading evolution code for bug

Please refer to e_text_command function in
http://makuchaku.pastebin.ca/73880 for this discussion.

I would like to ask two questions...

1) If you look at lines 122-125, you find that selection_index is
being set first to text->selection_start & then reassigned a position
returned from the subtraction operation in line 124.
Since text->text will always refer to the starting of text->text
variable (being a gchar *), the subtraction operation will always
refer to the original selection_index (i mean calling
g_utf8_offset_to_pointer & then subtracting text->text is of no
obvious significance).

2) What is the trailing logic thats mentioned in comment lines 115-117?

I would be happy to hear more about the above points, specially if i'm
missing any obvious point.


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