Re: [Evolution-hackers] How would this work?

Yes. It is indeed possible for you to use the IMAP camel provider to
talk to your custom server. Just have a look at how the GroupWise
provider is implemented.

See camel_provider_module_init () in

which (when use_imap is TRUE) sets the groupwise camel provider store to
that of imap.

The groupwise-account-setup plugin is also a good working model for you
to base the zimbra account creation on. This has some limitations
currently which will be addressed in near future (and hence likely to


On Sat, 2006-06-10 at 15:55 -0700, Scott Herscher wrote:
> Hey all. I'm wondering if it's possible to write a custom backend for
> evolution and evolution-data-server that re-uses the IMAP camel
> provider?
> I've written a custom e-book library that kinda works, and I'm getting
> started on writing a custom e-cal backend that will do calendaring.
> In the interest of time, and since the server I'm working with
> supports the IMAP protocol, I was hoping I could do something simple
> like reuse the IMAP camel-provider and use my custom addressbook and
> calendar plugins in setting the account up.  Is this possible?  If so,
> how would I do something like that?
> Scott
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