Re: [Evolution-hackers] dgettext abuse?

On Sun, 2006-02-05 at 18:54 +0100, Andre Klapper wrote: 
> > I haven't had any success on that so far because evolution-data-server
> > complains about some version conflict immediately after startup.
> hmm. so you compiled it already successfully? would be interesting to
> quote the error message here. :-)

It's all gone because I was frustrated and because I decided that I
really do not trust cvs versions. ;-)

> > The point is that I don't want to mess up my production environment and
> > I can't get the CVS version to work properly in a chroot. Would you mind
> > if I do the the patches on the 2.2 or 2.4 source code?
> > 
> > ATM I run 2.2.3 from Debian testing.
> ok, regarding the "do not mess up my production environment" issue,
> there are two ways to do this:

Both solutions focus on keeping the filesystem clean. That's not the
problem I'm concerned about since chroot prevents any changes to the
production file system.

It's much more the background processes like evolution-data-server or
gconfd that I fear. I want to keep these entirely separated from my
production environment. This works alright for gconfd (kill it), but I
would not trust a cvs evolution-data-server. At some times I might even
want to run my production evolution 2.2 and the cvs evolution at the
same time. And I suppose the still existing 2.2 data server causes the
version conflict mentioned above although it was not running.

That's why I expect less trouble when I run the same versions for
development and for production. 


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