Re: [Evolution-hackers] When do I update the Camel.FolderSummary?

On Tue, 2005-11-15 at 17:00 +0530, Parthasarathi Susarla wrote:
> > Another thing, it is possible to establish a notification mechanism from
> > the remote Exchange server, thereby making it possible to make
> > refresh_info() a do-nothing method. 
> > Would that be considered bad practice from an Evolution hackers point of
> > view?
> Hmm... actually Camel is more of 'polling' kind, And refresh_info
> actually does the job for you(of polling the server and syncing up). 

Yes, but it just struck me as impractical to poll for changes if
server-side notifications was possible/practical/"good practice" in

> As for whether if its a 'bad practice' or not, There is no *neat* way to
> actually implement a notification method in Evolution (specifically,
> using camel). 

I can do it with Brutus/Exchange using MAPI notifications and a waiter
thread on the Evolution side of things. No restructuring in e-d-s code

I would like to be able to distinguish between "auto sync"/"selecting a
folder" and manually pressing the Send/Receive button. Notifications are
not 100% reliable (best-effort only) so having a way to force a
refresh_info() is needed for my notification scheme.


> Although we were planning to do something like that for
> the groupwise backend, it never took off, since it required
> restructuring to a certain extent.
> -partha

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