Re: [Evolution-hackers] Python plugin interface?

On mar, 2005-05-24 at 21:48 +0100, Jono Bacon wrote:
> Hi,
> I forgot to ask, is there a website that tracks progress of the Python
> plugin interface? Just so I know how development is with it.
No. The development is still in "planning" status.
I wrapped by hand a couple of objects (EPopupTarget and EMPopupTarget)
but I think that's not the way.
The gnome-python wrappers use a great tool called to auto
generate C-code. It relies on the GLib GType system. Unfortunately some
parts of evolution do not use GType, so I have to check if it is better
(read: doable) to make them use GType or it is better to wrap that parts
by hand.

Alessandro Decina <alessandro nnva org>

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