Re: [Evolution-hackers] Python plugin interface?

On lun, 2005-05-23 at 09:33 +0530, Not Zed wrote:

> Nice!
> I will try to extend eplugin so that the loaders themselves can become
> plugins.  That way this extension can just be a standalone external unit
> without having to patch the source and add dependencies.
Now I am going to expose some evo internals to python (only hook
targets at the moment). Next, I'll consider wrapping camel.
Right now the loader uses the Python runtime system to call PyGTK so it
only needs PyGTK header files.

> If it turns out to be too much work we can just patch the source
> anyway :)
I think it would be much better to make it standalone so I could
manage/build it with Python's own distutils.

Alessandro Decina <alessandro nnva org>

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