Re: [Evolution-hackers] Rename e-d-s

On 5/12/05, Peter Colijn <pcolijn gmail com> wrote:
> On 5/12/05, Not Zed <notzed ximian com> wrote:
> >  Most people just install their distro or use their distro's tool to install
> > software, it handles any dependencies for them, so the name of the package
> > is irrelevent.
> For most users, yes.
> >  Who is "people"?
> I think in most cases, probably developers.
> >  Seems like a lot of effort to change eds for no real purpose.
> Yes, and work with very little (or no) tangible benefit is almost
> never worthwhile. I think in this case the idea is to garner more
> developer interest in e-d-s (though the original poster would have to
> confirm), which may prove beneficial.
> My 2 cents, anyway.
> Have fun,
> Peter

When I have noticed the question come up is when people want to remove
evolution, and find e-d-s and don't understand the relationship
between the two. Basically, it is not developers but power-users.

This is mostly a cosmetic issue, but image is, almost, everything.


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