Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution Calendar Hackfest on Thursday !!!

Hi all,   
        The major focus for this hackfest will be fixing bugs. You can
look at
the bugs using the following query

QA hackers:
       You can triage the bugs and close the duplicates, the bugs which
are not reproducible at all, the ones which are in NEEDINFO state for a
long time without the reporters response etc. You can also fix bugs.

The process for choosing and fixing bugs goes like this 

1) The person who wants to work on a particular bug must assign the bug
to himself to avoid multiple people working on the same bug. If you do
not have the rights to assign it to you, you can ping rodrigo or chen or
harish to get it assigned to you.

2) After choosing a bug, if you feel not to work on it any more, you can
reassign to evolution-calendar-maintainers ximian com and choose another

3) Once you fix the bug you can send the patches to
evolution-patches lists ximian com including the word "[hackfest]" and
the corresponding bug id in the subject. The patches can be committed
after the approval.

4) Once the patch is sent let the bug remain assigned to your name

Our target would be to fix all the bugs listed in the query. 

Lets get goin !!!

- Chenthill.

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