Re: [Evolution-hackers] Patch Review process

On Tue, May 10, 2005 at 09:45:15AM -0600, Elijah Newren wrote:
> > > Sounds somewhat similar to the automated patch-nagging we were
> > > planning on doing (though that was more aimed at patches that had been
> > > in bugzilla for a long time without being reviewed, but I'm sure the
> > > same code could be used to do something like this).  I think this
> > > sounds reasonable.
> > 
> > A totally custom message for patches is not that easy (unfortunately).
> > But the bugmail about the attachment contains everything that is
> > needed. It has product/component/version in the body of the mail,
> > summary of the patch + additional comment if provided.
> Oh, I hadn't thought about instantaneous notification (i.e.
> processmail).  I was thinking more of a periodic cron job which would
> look for these and send out notifications (since patch nagging for old
> unreviewed patches would have to be done this way).  I guess
> processmail would be nicer if it were easy, but as you point out, it
> isn't that easy.

#1 is very easy.. if the format is acceptable.. #2 is a bit hackish,
but still not too hard. The entire Attachment handling in processmail
is hackish, requiring a hack to do #2. Processmail knows you've added
an attachment by looking for 'Created an attachment (id=<some_number>)'
in the comment.. 

> > Two suggestions:
> > 1. Add evolution-patches as a user to Let that watch
> > evolution-qa ximian com and whatever other products are needed. For
> > evolution-patches every email option should be disabled except 'New
> > Attachments are added'.
> > 
> > 2. Do same as above, but hack (it will be a hack) processmail so that
> > 'New Attachments' for the evolution-patches means attachment has 'patch'
> > flag set. (non-patches are not mailed)
> 3. Assuming instant notification isn't necessary, add a cron job that
> periodically (daily? 4 times daily? yearly?) checks for new
> attachments to evo bugs and sends emails about them to
> evolution-patches.

#3 might actually be possible. I first thought it wasn't (because
Bugzilla only has a last-modified date -- it doesn't have a creation
timestamp although the database field is named that way). I can
workaround that by storing the highest attachment id previously
emailed. Next run I can use that in the SQL.


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