Re: [Evolution-hackers] evo installation fails with libtool error relating to libeshell

On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 22:42 +1200, Matt Brown wrote:
> Hi, 
> The good news is I've made good progress on the inline PGP patches and
> will hopefully post revision 2 over the weekend, BUT I've been stuck for
> the last week or so by the following libtool bug when running make
> install. 
> I've checked out fresh cvs trees several times and configured from
> scratch following the BuildEvolutionFromSource page so I'm confident
> it's not a bug introduced by the inline PGP patches. 
> Unfortunately my libtool foo is not strong enough to decipher this, and
> googling for the error message doesn't get me very far either. 

Just cd to the shell directory, make clean, and it should work.  I get
this from time to time if I rename my evolution source directory.
Something seems to be hard coding absolute paths in the Makefile.


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