Re: [Evolution-hackers] Problems compiling/running evo 2.3.3

On Sun, 2005-06-19 at 21:38 +0200, smurfd wrote:
> > It's not that easy, you will also have to add lots of libraries to the
> > LIBADD lines in the various Makefile.ams. (I have already done that
> > for the Windows port, but haven't sent a patch for that yet to the e-p
> > list.)
> > 
> > --tml
> > 
> Okey, well i shouldnt have to, seeing how i can compile it perfectly
> fine on lots of other distros. So, i got rid of Gentoo(even though i
> didnt want to, but i figgured i had to find out), and installed the new
> Debian stable. Did the same procedure when compiling evolution and its
> related libraries.
> (ie the same prefix, and similar options i used, wich werent many)

Well also note ... this is actually pointing to a REAL problem in the
code.  Your original problem - the calender is calling private mail

"/home/lithium/Hacking/build/evolution//lib/evolution/2.4/components/ undefined symbol: em_popup_target_new_attachments'"

This is a totally unacceptable piece of code, so making everything link
with everything else is ok as a workaround to get things working, but
this should NOT go into CVS, EVER.

Srag, do you think you could address this particular point at least?
This is from copying the composer attachment bar into the calendar code,
and not properly fixing up the popup code.


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