[Evolution-hackers] Building exchange with e-d-s


I have created a new subdirectory under e-d-s/servers called "exchange"
which would have the Exchange server communication code. 

To have this built with e-d-s, you need to configure e-d-s with Kerberos
[ krb5 ] and LDAP. The Kerberos dependency is a bit less stronger than
the LDAP dependency. So, i have added a check in configure.in to enable
Exchange only if e-d-s is configured with LDAP. This would help the
build breaks people are seeing with plain vanilla configure of e-d-s.

The exchange plugins in evolution and the evolution-exchange module
would depend on the libexchange-storage.pc generated as part of e-d-s.
So, the steps to enable Exchange support in your new [ 2.3 onwards ]
version of Evolution, you need to take care of the following things.

1. In evolution-data-server, use the configure option --with-krb5=/usr
[ or the install path of kerberos on your machine. ]
2. In evolution-data-server, use the confifure option
--with-openldap=/opt/evo-openldap [ or the install path of Openldap on
your machine which has the NTLM patch applied to it. ]

-- Sarfraaz

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