Re: [Evolution-hackers] export a calendar to ical file format

Le vendredi 21 janvier 2005 à 18:25 +0100, Jorge Bernal a écrit :

> My two cents:
> I was looking at the mockup ( 
> and I think all the server part can be hidden in a GtkExpander as advanced 
> configuration, and instead show a list of "Network Places", I mean what you 
> see with "nautilus network:///".
> IMO, the advanced options should look the same than the "Connect to server..." 
> nautilus option (maybe there is some API for that), and adding it to gnome 
> places as an option.
> Cheers,
>  Koke


I disagree with the idea of having an over-complex URL text entry. I
will stick to a simple text entry and the user will then be allowed to
enter whatever gnome-vfs supported URL he likes.

I do not see the point of having some kind of "network browse" as the
url supported are very versatile (http,ftp, ssh or even smb), the user
will know where he wants the calendar to go.

Let's keep this side of things simple. My code follows VERY closely the
Free/Busy UI and I think it is more coherent this way.

What do the other "evolution hackers" think?

Stéphane Konstantaropoulos <stephane cs york ac uk>
Computer Science, University of York

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