[Evolution-hackers] export a calendar to ical file format

Hi everybody,

I am working on the ICal integration and publishing and I have a couple
of questions:

- Is there an easy way to export one or more calendars to one ical file
with the evolution-data-server API? (I mean without having to go through
all the records an regenerating such a file "manually". This would help.
- Why does the free/busy publishing method use SOUP and not gnome-vfs?
This limits its use to http only. Or perhaps this is a requirement for
publishing Free/Busy data. Strange though, we could do with ssh and ftp
too there. If http is not a requirement then, I can modify this part to
use gnome-vfs too, like Ical publishing, if I get that far.

Thanks for your help!
Stéphane Konstantaropoulos <stephane cs york ac uk>
Computer Science, University of York

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