Re: [Evolution-hackers] IMAP4REV1

Not Zed wrote:

Remove it from the build entirely, and then add new migration code to
switch it to the older 'imap' implementation, or some other equivalent
switch over mechanism.  The folder paths, foldernames, cache, summary
files, are all probably so different as to make this a lot of work.
Migration code, is a pretty good idea. IMHO we should do this.

We don't really have much time to do this though.

I'm not sure how much effort is involved.  Jeff?  Do you have an opinion
on this?

couple thoughts:

how many people really use imap4?

I'm definitely not against removing it from the build (or at least disabling it by default in unless --enable-imap4 is specified?)

 Do you think imap4 is worth keeping

not worth keeping as far as being shipped with evo rpms - serves as a somewhat useful example implementation for people to read over when implementing their own providers I would guess tho... but that's about it really, being so incomplete and untested and unmaintained, I really can't suggest it remain a part of the default build.

, and if not how much
effort is a migration code?

I remember when I was originally writing the summary code, in an effort to avoid the need for actually migrating old imap summary files I had kept them the same format... I'm fairly certain (unless stuff has changed in the "imap" summary format) that imap4 can read imap summary files, but it *may* write out variables that imap doesn't know about.

a simple migration might just require a slight change to imap-summary.c to read in the extra variables that imap4 might save in the header (and disregard them).

the cache hierarchy is different (imap4 uses CamelDataCache), but not that important to migrate anyway imho.

migration of the urls shouldn't be too complicated, the paths have changed - imap4 uses the fragment for paths - but I think that's it other than the obvious protocol string change. Actually, probably don't even have to worry about the url paths anyway since provider urls are no longer used in filters.xml/vfolders.xml - you just care about the account url which afaik, just requires the protocol string change.


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