Re: [Evolution-hackers] CamelStore and service->connect()

Jules Colding wrote:


I need the user to provide a password when connecting to the remote
server. The connection is, as far as I can understand, established when
service->connect() is invoked.
Is connect() invoke by the store itself, or by an external process?

it is invoked at a higher level

I can connect while initiating the store, so I really do not need a
specific service->connect() function. Can I make service->connect() be a

you should not connect while initialising the store - this operation should not block/wait.

If not, may I keep a pointer to my session in my service instance so
that I can query the password during the invocation of connect()?

CamelService already has a session pointer...

Is the return value from connect() just whether there is a present live
connection or not?

it returns whether or not connect() succeeded (e.g. the store is now in the connected state)

I am curious as whether I can just connect in the
store init function and then always just return TRUE in connect()?

don't do that unless you are accessing local data that doesn't need remote access.


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