[Evolution-hackers] addressbook.db.summary file format

I am writing a PERL application to update a email list in my address
book automatically so I can keep a list up to date without having to
check every address by hand.  There are two files I need to be concerned
with, addressbook.db and addressbook.db.summary. I can see that my list
is in both files using grep or khexedit or even vi. 

What is the relationship between these files?

I can successfully open and read
~/.evolution/addressbook/local/system/addressbook.db using

tie %h, "BereleyDB::Hash",-Filename=>"$filename",-Flags=>DB_CREATE

When I try the exact same thing with addressbook.db.summary the command

Is the addressbook.db.summary file in a different format than Berkeley
DB? How do I open it?

Any clues would be much appreciated. I will gladly post my code if
anyone wants it.

Dennis Kaptain

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