Re: [Evolution-hackers] Got Camel backtrace, want advise...


On Mon, 2005-08-22 at 07:57 -0600, Susarla Parthasarathi wrote:
> The crash is cos your providers' store is trying to access the Vfolder
> Trash when it does not actually support the trash vfolder.
> The Trash and Junk folders in Evo are actually vfolders.=20
> The store by default uses the Trash vfolder and the Junk vfolder (by

So the reason that the groupwise store explicitly does not set those
flags is that groupwise has its own trash and junk folders?

The exchange does likewise not set those flags, but the exchange service
do. Why is that so? Could you tell me what the service/session is and
what they are supposed to do once implemented?

> You could do 2 things here:
> 1. Use the Junk and Trash Vfolders by setting the flags for your store.
> or
> 2. Implement your own Trash and Junk implemetation (implement get_trash
> and get_junk methods of CamelStore)


> Either of it would prevent it from crashing.
> Hope it helps. 

It sure does :-)


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