[Evolution-hackers] timezone configuration in gnome-control-center


Evolution and all e-d-s/libecal clients are required to know the default timezone. It has been difficult to query the system for the timezone and, therefore, Evolution prompts the user to select a timezone. After changing the system timezone the user must also know (which isn't likely) to go into Evolution's settings and change the default timezone there manually as well.

Instead of adding even more timezone selections, other e-d-s consumers use the Evolution timezone GConf key. For example, the clock applet does this. This is even worse because it adds an implicit dependency on the Evolution front end and requires that the user know (which isn't likely) to go into Evolution's settings to change it.

JP has indicated that he would prefer this type of configuration to be GNOME wide and I agree. So, I filed this:


Note: If the timezone is changed manually or by using a different tool then the notification doesn't happen. Which is just what we have now.

The neat thing is that a sysadmin can log in to the system remotely, run "sudo gnome-timezone America/Denver" and the console user's settings are updated automatically since a message is sent on the system bus.

In the capplet I have also included a Clock configuration page (a la OS X). It would be nice to allow the user to set/override the default clock settings for all applications in one place. For example, one could designate the use of 12/24 hour clocks which the clock applet, Evolution, etc. could use.

Please let me know what you think.


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