[Evolution-hackers] Milestones restored.

Hi all,

Bugzilla target milestones are restored. Information was from the backup
from 20040928 03:01  EST.
As result of this all milestones for existing bugs that were modified
from 03:01 to around 15:30 were reset (at least temporarily). This has
to be modified by hand and will be done tomorrow using bugzilla e-mail
Many thanks to all those that helped, and thanks in particular to
Michael Wolf, who made the backups available for me really fast. 
Thanks everyone for your patience too.
I'm really sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to all Evolution

While using MySQL can't be a good excuse for missing parenthesis in an
update query (and not testing with a select before), this could be eased
with a transactional database. By simply upgrading My in bugzilla we
would be safer.

Now some sleep...


Gerardo Marin

Novell QA Engineer

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