[Evolution-hackers] Language selection in composer


I would like to implement this feature (bug #127530) and I've got some essential questions that aren't related to any component, so I don't know, who should I address...

First of all, how can I retrieve the list of all languages available to the user? Should it be that languages that have evolution localization available (How can I determine which languages have evolution l10n? Should I go through $prefix/share/locale/ and find evolution-1.5.mo?) Or should it be just all languages that are defined in ISO 639 (Is there any other way than to hardcode it, than?).
It seems usefull
to have names of all languages localized to all languages (because evolution needs to show a list of available languages to the user). How can I get this?

Second, I need to get strings from different locales (because of changing those "On DATE, PERSON wrote:" labels). Should I do it using setlocale() before and after obtaining that strings, or any other way?

Thanks for advice.
Jan Krčál

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