[Evolution-hackers] ipv6 patch


I was wondering if you could check the patch attached to:


Apparently there are some build issues on redhat 9 - i'm waiting for dobey to mail me the error.

Some of the guys have been running it for a week or so with no problems, so we're looking at putting it into 2.0.1 real soon now and given its size and its portability issues, I wanted to make sure we didn't hit an explosion of portability issues - although really we're only concerned with modern distros at this point.

We're actually thinking of removing support for systems without getaddrinfo entirely, the emulation code is always going to be a pain to maintain and the redefinition of system structures prone to portability issues (and i really don't want to have to abstract all the structures behind camel- or e-versions).

Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>
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