Re: [Evolution-hackers] Beginnings of Message Disposition Notification Support

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 13:33 +0100, James Ascroft-Leigh wrote:

Firstly, congratulations on your latest wonderful release.
I'm new to this list but I was reading a rather heated thread on the
users list regarding "return receipts" and thought that I might have a
shot at implementing support for this.
I kept thinking 'we've had a patch for this recently', and finally found it.

So cactus as cc'd on the bug had just about worked it out.  Unfortunately he didn't put the patch on the bug.  He mentioned something about going away/being busy, so he probably hasn't seen the followup yet.  All of the discussion has been on the patches list.

His patch is pretty complete, including processing receipt of the request, and user-interface stuff.

It would nice to be able to do it as an 'eplugin', but i don't think that can be achieved for various reasons.

So far I have trivially added support for requesting the Message
Disposition Notification's in the first place.  This takes the form of
an "MDN Request" toggle option on the "Security" menu of the composition
window.  When true at build_message time the extra header "Disposition-
Notification-To:" is set to the same value as the "From:" header.

When loading a draft message (e_msg_composer_new_with_message) the
simple presence of this header triggers the setting of the mdn_request
field of the new composer object back to true.

I have not exhaustively tested this but a Mozilla Thunderbird understood
what I was asking for and sent me a MDN back.  This is only a first
attempt and I expect to find many issues I have overlooked but I thought
you might like some input at this stage.  Feel free to correct me on any
point and suggest alternative strings and/or UI structure.

Regarding the more difficult generation of the MDNs, when a request
comes in I was thinking of tending away from the user interfaces I have
seen for this before.  Instead I was thinking of putting a tool bar
button that shows a dialogue with tabs for the possible disposition
types "displayed", "dispatched", "processed", "deleted", "denied" and
"failed" (probably with the exception of "failed", though).

Each tab would have a description the type for the user to choose.  The
default tab would be whatever Lookout uses when it asks to send a read
receipt (probably "displayed") and each would have a send button.  Bear
in mind here that I have not read the IMAP-specific RFC yet.
I'm not sure what cactus's patch does, I think it just shows the mail itself.

So there may still be possible work to do to cross-reference the mail and the receipt, although i'm not really sure where that would fit in the scheme of things.
I, personally, would hope to just never push that tool bar button but if
you have to for whatever reason it is there for you to do so.

Comments, suggestions, bugs and flames all welcome,

James Ascroft-Leigh
Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>
"born to die, live to work, it's all downhill from here"
Novell's Evolution and Free Software Developer

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