Re: [Evolution-hackers] "Edit As New Message"

--- Jeffrey Stedfast <fejj ximian com> wrote:

> do you edit magazine articles you get in the mail?
> no.

Sure.  I may highlight things and send them on.  I may
trim them, or cut and paste parts of them.

But in any case -- in your mind, what is the crucial
distinction between Edit As New and Forward Inline
that makes the former unacceptable and the latter just

> if you didn't write it, it's not yours to edit.

What about GPL?

> > > - evolution's composer is not capable of
> handling all mime structures
> > > (it's an impossible task)
> > > 
> > > also, there exists an option
> Actions->Forward->Redirect for at least
> > > some of the needs you brought up.

A handful, I will grant you, but not many.

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