[Evolution-hackers] "Edit As New Message"

I see that the "Edit As New Message" option is disabled for any message
not in the Sent folder.

What's the rationale for this?

I've disabled this behavior since I frequently use Edit As New in
Mozilla for a variety of things.  For example, it is a convenient way to
forward a message without including your friend's private email
information on it and cluttering up the forward.  It's a quick way to
forward attachments and strip the text of a message, which may be
inappropriate.  Also I file Sent messages sometimes into other folders,
and I like to be able to pull them up as a template.  This behavior was
one of the most frustrating behaviors I encountered when I started using

Are the reasons to keep it more compelling than the reasons to allow  it
for any message?

Eric Ewanco
eje+ximian at ewanco.com

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