[Evolution-hackers] porting e-d-s to handhelds (gpe)?

Hi there... This is my first post here. I don't know that much about e-d-s so please
bear me for my mistakes.

In the latest months gpe community is growing, got a neat gtk+ interface and
some pim applications (gpe-contact, gpe-calendar, gpe-todo). The problem is
that this applications were developed without any integration in mind (and developed
by different developers). Now we really need to have some sort of integration, so
we start thinking about writing a framework for pim applications. I have to admit that
i never used evolution (for no particular reason ;) ) and as i posted the draft about
new gpe framework on gpe mailing list, people is asking me: 

Why don't you use e-d-s? 

Ah, i forgot i have to use dbus messaging facilities (we are already using it for other
things). Now the question is:

In your opinion is it feasible to scale down e-d-s and put it in a handheld computer
(low on ram, CPU got no FPU and so on)? 
Is it really difficult to switch to dbus?

Best regards,

P.S. please c.c. me 'cause i'm not subscribed to the list at the moment.

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