Re: [Evolution-hackers] using LDAP as addressbook with search filter

Sivaiah Nallagatla wrote:


I would like to be able to configure one addressbook with
the total view and one with a filter like
Which version of evolution you are suing ?
If all such ldap enrries are under a particular container like germany
you can achieve this by setting up two books with different search bases
exactly ... that's what I don't have. All the users are in the same container, just have different qualifiers which I would like to filter. And I would be able to do that if I could
specify an LDAP URL directly, like:
for another interesting example.

This would also allow me to synch my palm against this partial

While it seems to be possible to hack ldap URLs into gconf for
mail address completion, the config XML for the address books as
such don't seem to support this.

If you are using 1.5 you need not do this, just mark that book for auto
completion in tools->settings
OKeyyyyy, and that gives me what?
Not sure I made myself understood here. I was just trying to make the point that I had looked at the gconf settings and found the settings for autocompletion there
which are mostly LDAP URLs where the configs for the addressbooks apparently
store all the GUI entry fields in their own XML attribute instead of combining them
into LDAP URLs, which a user might tweak with a text editor ....

Thanks for your help,


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