[Evolution-hackers] free/busy view not working, other problems

this may be the wrong list for this, and if so, please tell me what the
right list is (is there an evolution-n00b-dummy list?)

running evo 1.4.6, ximian-connector 1.4.7 on debian

almost everything is working great _except_ when attempting to schedule
a meeting, I can not see anybody's free/busy info, not even my own!
I have clicked the "update free/busy" both in the meeting window and in
the main window.

I have no problem with global address lists, or sending and receiving
e-mail, receiving/accepting meeting requests and my calendar, created on
evolution is visible on other computers using outlook (as long as I
update free/busy after entering new events on evo.

please don't say "update to 2.0.x" as I have tried that and suddenly
_everything_ stops working and the new evo doesn't/can't import my old
e-mail (that's a whole nother issue). my buddy in the next cube has
spent the last week trying to get the GAL to work with 2.0.x, but since
all the ldap config options have been removed from evo-2, he can't seem
to get it to do plaintext authentication.

I am not subscribed to this list, so please reply directly to me.

thanks in advance and sorry to bother you if this is the wrong list. 

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