[Evolution-hackers] recurrences work plan


Some time before 2.0 I created a branch for working on a better support
for detached recurrences. Some of that work was merged to HEAD time
before 2.0, but some of it was left because it was missing some details.

This is a description of that work left for post-2.0.

* when notifying a removal, backends need to pass both the old_object
and the new object, which is NULL in all cases except when removing an
individual instance. In that case, e_cal_backend_notify_object_removed
notifies an update instead of a removal. This is the only change needed
in the backends, which need to pass an extra argument to

* the views don't generate the instances themselves anymore, it's the
model job now, so the views just display the events that are in the
model. When generating instances in the model, we add the RECURRENCE-ID
property to them, so that the GUI can deal with the individual instances

I have all this now working, with a few small details missing, so should
be ready for merging to HEAD pretty soon.
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo novell com>

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