Re: [Evolution-hackers] EDestination and CamelInternetAddress

ya...I dont think its hard..."to seperate Camel out [this week]"

I have a standalone build of Camel, which works ok ,-
o from evo 2.0.1 code [not CVS]
o havent tested with evo itself [ouch, no excuse]
o works ok over pop, local, smtp

So...was planning to finish this nicely and offer a patch [with a couple of command line send/recv sample progs] - but likely a few weeks off..

Basically I put together a subset of e-util that Camel needs and
added some small cutnpaste from gal et al.
I changed a minor #include lines in Camel, but no code.

Does someone want to take what I have now and fold back into your CVS etc?

[ Please seriously consider keeping Camel seperate from e-d-s eg.
Then people can use nice messaging library with no big dependencies ]
Here is file list for my hacked e-utils [lots of other e-utils cut, as they depended on otherstuff, and Camel didnt need them]

e-time-utils.c *
e-time-utils.h *
filter-rule.h *
iconv-detect.h *

*indicates hackery

Does any one want my build tree so they can do this??
[I intended to make a decent cvs patch..but wont be able to for a while due to other work]


Camel - I like it...Id like to work on stuff like -
- a db [unix odbc] provider/store
- a logging provider/transport
- fully inverted indexes on message text [at e-d-s level] 'like gmail'
- add a bit of glue so you can make messaging 'apps' by just writing sexps

Hans Petter Jansson wrote:

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 09:18 +0800, Not Zed wrote:

If we separate camel out it wont be an issue, I guess, since
presumably it'll be in eds or eds will end up depending on it - but
that depends on if we move it.  I suppose that needs to be sorted out
'real soon now'.  Just dropping the whole lot into e-d-s would be
trivial (as much as it would be nice to have standalone), since we'd
probably move most its dependencies from e-util or gal to there at the
same time.

Yeah, it needs to be sorted out as soon as possible.

Without that, its a reasonably fair chunk of code, which would be
better not to be copied (and probably best not to be cut-down -
anything in it is there for a reason), if it could be avoided.  It
also draws in a bunch of other utilities, like the e_iconv() stuff,
which is in gal(!) at the moment, which can't really be avoided.  To
make it standalone you're probably looking at grabbing at least 3-500
lines of code, and thats just the stuff in camel-mime-utils that does
the work, not the stuff in cia (which isn't needed).

I'll do that until the Camel situation is resolved, then. Unless it can
somehow be resolved this week.

But, well, also, ESelectNames should die and be replaced with
something which works and has a nicer interface anyway (api and ui).

Well, that's part of what I'm doing. I still need EDestination for it to
work at all.

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