[Evolution-hackers] Problems with mailboxes after move from sendmail to imap

Hi all,

I'am using evolution 1.4.5 without problems.

My IT-Operations department moved my mail accout from a sendmail based
mailserver to an IMAP based during my vacation.

After my return I got all my mails from INBOX, but not my former mails
from SENT folder.

If I look into the folder structure of my evolution config I still have
entries in 


This folder contains about 1800 files named like 

50. and 50.0
971. and 971.0

<any-nr>.0 seems to be the mailheader
<any-nr). seems to be the mailbody

The typical mbox entries 


are missing!!!

Does anybody know if and when yes how I can create an "importable" mbox
based on the files <any-nr>. <any-nr>.x  and put it in a local folder?

Any idea would extremely appreciate

Thanks in advance


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