[Evolution-hackers] A Project aiming to port Evolution to native win32


My name is Fridrich Strba and I write to inform you that we set a
http://evolution-win32.sourceforge.net project aiming to achieve a
native win32 (as opposed to cygwin) port of Evolution.

Everybody who would be interested in following our advancement, in
giving advice, or in giving hand :-) , is welcome to subscribe our
mailing list.

In the first time, we would like to come up with a kind of roadmap
indicating which libraries have to be ported and/or which parts of the
code have to be rewritten in a windows-specific way.

Next, we would like to start with the actual work of porting library by

The result would be naturally a native win32 port of Evolution, but also
a set of libraries that can be used by developers for porting other fine
gnome applications: something like Tor Lillqvist's "GTK+ (and Gimp) for
Windows" web-site. 

For the while we have an _almost_ :-) working port of ORBit2 contributed
by Tor Lillqvist.

In order to help us, one does not need to be a "Windows developer". Any
skill is potentially precious. We are ready to do ourselves a lot of the
work, we just need some people with sound knowledge of Evolution
internals to help us not to go in a completely wrong direction. If you
have among your friends people who would be interested, please point
them to the url and advice them to subscribe the mailing list since it
is there where the discussion will take place.

Thanks in advance for your help and support


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