[Evolution-hackers] OO.o / evolution integration ...

Hi there,

	It seems the e-d-s pkg-config file name has changed; to libebook-1.2,
along with the libraries being renamed - thus causing the OO.o /
evolution integration to stop building.

	What is the thinking here ? is there any need to break the API and ABI
of this module drastically ? - I was under the impression that this was
not supposed to happen.

	Ultimately - it's going to be _extremely_ hard to convince Sun to use
this / ship with it, if we are going to have to write an extra
compatibility layer per-different-version of e-d-s; and (of course) it
will involve yet more development effort we don't have time for.

	Why was this change done ? is it going to happen again ? how
regularly ? and what is the recommended course for OO.o[1] ? how can
this be made future compatible - dlopening libedata-server-%d.%d
starting with 1.8 and moving down ? [ and then grabbing symbols out etc.
as is done for many other unstable platform libraries ].



[1] - a product where a single binary has to be engineered to install on
multiple platforms - ( where the merits of long term ABI stability are
deeply appreciated ).
 michael meeks novell com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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