Re: [Evolution-hackers] creating new calendars, contact groups, and task groups

Hi Anna,

Anna M Dirks wrote:
Currently, all of these things are configured using wizards. This approach is inappropriate, because in most cases there is very little information required to add a new group -- so that adding one using a wizard takes significantly more time (and mouse clicks) than is necessary. I propose that replace these wizards with a set of simple dialogs. Screenshots for each of them are included below:

A very nice change.


1. Add a New Calendar

(Note that the icon for the URL testing button is obviously wrong -- I picked what I had on hand.)

The "location" option menu contains two possibilities, which correspond to local and remote calendars: On This Computer, and On the Web. If the "On This Computer" item were selected, then the "URL" and "Refresh" widgets would be insensitive.

One point that I haven't been too clear on myself is the advantage of using insensitivity over simply hiding the widgets. Is there a HIG statement on this sort of thing? I think I lean to the side of: if it doesn't apply then don't show.

However, then you would have to deal with window resizing.

Obviously you have thought about it and I would be interested in your opinion.


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