[Evolution-hackers] webcal tasks


It seems that subscribing to webcal VTODO lists isn't currently possible. Is this right?

At first look I see two things:

+ Calendar and Task sources split in gconf

A file with VTODO components should go into tasks/sources. A file with VEVENT components should go into calendar/sources. Does this imply that a file with both VTODO and VEVENT should go into tasks/sources and calendar/sources?

I suppose that this could be handled by evolution-webcal by searching the file before adding to the source lists.

+ HTTP backend for calendar filters on ICAL_VEVENT_COMPONENT

Could this just be changed to ICAL_ANY_COMPONENT and then optionally filter out VALARMS, etc. that we don't need?

I tried experimenting with this. I modified evolution-webcal to create an On The Web source group in tasks/sources and subscribed to a calendar with only VTODO entries. It shows up in the Tasks sources pane but when I select it nothing seems to happen.

Any recommendations on how to proceed?


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